a Family Destination

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France’s capital Paris is an amazing place to visit with family, as couples, or even as travel loving individuals. Paris is an attractive destination for tourists because of its amusement parks, art and culture hubs and fashion streets.

One of the most significant places one must see is the Disneyland Resort Paris. Situated in Marna-la-vallee, the resort has Disneyland Paris, Disney village and Walt Disney Studios Paris. This place is an extravagant entertainment treat for the children. To cover and enjoy each bit of it one needs at least a full day there, if not more. Since at times the waiting queues for rides can take from just a few minutes to forty five minutes, you should decide the attractions which you do not want to miss.

If you go to Paris, then the Eiffel Tower is a must. One of the wonders of the world, the Eiffel Tower has a brilliant architecture. The option of going up to the top of the tower via escalator is available. Here one can enjoy the spectacular view of the whole of

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Destination Wedding in Paris

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When we think of Paris, romance automatically comes to mind. The city of love is the ideal location for your nuptial vows, yet many see it as a Romantic destination rather than the place to say, “I do.”

Paris is a vast city with so many options to celebrate its romance, so why not consider planning your big day in the world’s most romantic city? Here are some ideas to get the your inner wedding planner jumping up and down for joy.

Just because Paris is a city of grandeur, there is no reason why your ceremony can’t be on the small but simple side. In fact, some of the most heartfelt weddings are the more intimate ones, or perhaps the last minute elopements. Getting married in Paris doesn’t require months of planning, it can be impulsive if you like. There are plenty of wedding planners on site who can secure you a private room at a classy Parisian restaurant where you can exchange your vows in front of a few select witnesses.

The French capital

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Off The Book Paris Destinations

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When people speak of Paris, they often speak of the famous landmarks and destinations and the easy, one-word descriptions about the kind of lifestyle you can expect in the city. But if you’ve just arrived on the shuttle from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris and you’d like to see much more than what the brochures say, here are some of the quaint, magical little places you should check out.

 destinations in paris

Remember Owen Wilson’s character in Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’ and how he spent the nights just walking around the streets? That’s not so crazy (well, apart from the fact that in the movie Owen Wilson met Ernest Hemingway and Salvador Dali at a café every midnight) as it’s actually an exhilarating way to discover the city-by getting lost, you’ll find more.

The great thing about coming from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris is you can jump right into the thick of things within no time. Once you’ve settled in, pick

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Short Course on Travels – What You Need To Know

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Importance of National Parks

Of late, natural resources have come under threat from expansive civilization in most parts of the world. Flora and fauna or plants and animals are the main resources of the world. This is the foundation on which most countries have set up designated areas for conservation of their plants and animals. These are the special areas that are usually referred to as national parks or game reserves. In most countries, national parks are usually under the control of national and county governments.

It is a clear fact that national parks are very important to the economy of any country. First of all, different countries usually have different species of wild animals and rare plant species. Tourists therefore visit areas where they are sure to see rare species of wildlife and plants. Many countries generate great amounts of revenue from tourism and activities related to tourism. A country that boasts of many natural parks will definitely have a huge Gross Domestic Product (G.D.P).

National parks usually have different attraction sites and features. Case in point is wild animal species that are common in most African national parks. Animals like lions, elephants, leopards and buffaloes roam most


Getting Down To Basics with Events

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Las Vegas: Is Getting Married Here Right for You? Many people falsely assume that Vegas weddings are unprofessional. This belief is false in present time. There is something for everyone in the Las Vegas wedding industry. There is no longer any reason to shy away from selecting Las Vegas as your wedding destination. Thousands upon thousands of couples are deciding to wed in Las Vegas annually. Obtaining a marriage license in the city of Las Vegas is simple. They only need $55 and picture identification. It is a very streamlined process, as the courthouse doesn’t need you to have blood test results or a waiting period. With such a large amount of wedding venues and planning options, Las Vegas weddings are becoming more and more popular. All-inclusive venue packages are available, so choosing Vegas can mean little work for you and your partner.
Looking On The Bright Side of Venues
If you need to plan from afar, wedding and reception planners can help via telephone, or even through email. Las Vegas weddings are desirable, partially because of how simple it is to plan.
5 Uses For Receptions
Las Vegas weddings can also be


If You Like Playing Golf You Need To Experience It Exotic Locations

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Portugal is one of several best nations around the world on the planet. They have been referred to for being a wonderful location pertaining to people that want to vacation as well as that are hunting for a seaport region that is abundant in background and features plenty to give in the realm of tourist. One of the biggest forces to this particular region is it is recognized for its golf market. It’s difficult to imagine that the hobby is so favored in a nation wherever you will find significantly less than only a hundred courses, yet people who find themselves obsessed with reaching a little ball about a field may love knowing right now there is anywhere in the land with respect to golf holidays portugal.

People that love to experience golf, love taking part in the overall game across the world. They might perhaps take pleasure in taking part in the game play inside the exotic terrain of Turkey. They will relish the chance to perform their most favorite sports activity in such an excellent location. You could possibly wish to investigate the stunning region and simply participate in a number of rounds of your preferred sports activity.


The Path To Finding Better Visas

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Getting a US Visa with EB-5 Investment Options

A great US Visa category is EB-5 immigrant investor visa. This is usually misunderstood just like a lot of US visa categories. You should understand that the main principle of the EB-5 visa is that in exchange of obtaining an investment that is able to stimulate the economy of the US, then you can have the US visa. This type of visa is actually made for promoting growth and also making new jobs and there are three important investment options that you must be able to know under the EB-5 visa category. Get to know the three options in detail and review them.

The regional center is a private or a public economic entity that has been recognized by the US citizenship and immigration services and as part of the immigrant investor pilot program. The regional center should focus on the geographic region in the US as well as make jobs with capital investments as well as have an impact on the national or the regional economy. Job creation can be indirect or direct and such would allow slightly more flexibility in the business plan.

You have to understand


How to Efficiently Prepare For a Vacation Break

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When you’ve actually found on your own getting prepared for a holiday before you may have even completed unpacking your current suitcase through the previous one, is considered time to be able to do anything a tiny differently ahead of you strike the street for this particular extra-long vacation. It noises like added work, possessing to make for getaway. However, in case we rarely take any number of vital steps, we will end way up sabotaging each of our free time period. This specific point had been that any busy human brain can preserve you via fully soothing, and that will it’s almost impossible for you to ask your current mind in order to just great it from the fall of some sort of hat. Throughout that heart, here are usually some de-stressing steps in order to take for you to help an individual shift effortlessly from perform mode for you to vacation method – as well as back yet again.

Maybe you have heard in which a clean desk is usually a fresh mind, or perhaps are inside a continuous battle to be able to empty your own personal mailbox. Many involving us anxiety about undertaking extra function before


Inside Paris

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The glamorous, vibrant, romantic capital of France, Paris, needs no introduction. Crammed with innumerable sights and fascinating places, restaurants, nightclubs, and all things beautiful, Paris offers everything for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The city is the destination of choice for mostly everyone contemplating a European holiday. Embodying style and charm, Paris brings out the romantic in all its visitors. Sightseers will find their point of interest in attractions such as Louvre, Notre Dame and of course, the most photographed, Eiffel Tower. Every few steps, the visitors will have something to capture in their cameras. The city also caters to the art buffs, food connoisseurs and style buffs. Paris is the centre of a thrilling nightlife and when it comes to shopping, the city offers the one of the best experiences in the world.

Paris is also a great city to visit if you are traveling with kids. There are fantastic delights in store such as Disneyland Paris and amusement parks like Parc Asterix which are within easy distance of the city.

What to see and do in Paris

Here are some activities you can include in your visit to Paris.

  • Visit the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte under the dome of Les Invalides.
  • Enjoy the magnificent views

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Why Is Paris Considered One Of The Most Romantic

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Norm Goldman, Editor of Sketchandtravel and Bookpleasures is excited to have as a guest, world- wide Paris expert, Thirza Vallois. Thirza is the author of the three volumes of “Around and About Paris”, and another excellent book,” Romantic Paris”.

Thirza has lived in Paris for the past 40 years and holds several post-graduate degrees from La Sorbonne. She contributes to television and radio and has appeared on PBS, BBC, The Travel Channel, Discovery, CNN, The French Cultural Channel, among others. She also writes for The Financial Times, United Airlines’ Hemispheres, Condé Nast Traveller, among others.

She is the author of Three Perfect Days in Paris, aired as a film on all United Airlines international flights and on television throughout the world. The article has won her the first award of NATJA (the North American Travel Journalists’ Association).

Thirza has also contributed the Paris entry of the latest edition of The Encarta Encyclopaedia.

Thirza is also an expert on the Aveyron area in southern France. During the past several years she has devoted much of her time to exploring and studying this region of France.

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Romantic Holidays

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Paris is regarded as one of the most romantic cities of the world. It is the capital city of France and the most populated urban city which is located on the river Seine. This place is famous for its wonderful pubs and bars, stunning nightlife, luxurious hotels, wonderful locations, historical sites, great institutions and lovely landscapes. It is a global business center which is also famous for its culture, politics, media, fashion, education, entertainment, science and art. This place is considered as a famous destination for holidays, studies and honeymoons.

Places to visit in Paris
There are numerous attractive landmarks, parks, and historic sites such as The Eiffel Tower, The Centre Pompidou, The Louvre Museum and The Notre Dame Cathedral located in Paris.

How to reach Paris
You can easily reach Paris by numerous means of transportation. One of the most popular means of getting to Paris is through airplane. There are numerous domestic as well as international airports over here. Another option for getting to this place is by opting for car travel.

Best places to stay in Paris
You can easily locate various hotels and

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Top 10 Things to Do For Lovers of Nightclubs

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So you’re a clubber. You love the nightlife. The only reason you really want to visit Paris is to see the world-class clubs, cafes and cocktail bars and why not go shopping for some trendy club wear while you’re there? You want to hear the famous French Touch house music and see the sunrise over the Seine. But Paris is also the number one tourist destination in the world, so you’ve got to do a bit of due diligence and see at least a few tourist attractions, if only to show your friends and family that you really were in Paris. So here are the top ten most interesting things to do for night clubbers visiting Paris, including the top tourist attractions that should be of particular interest to you.

Palace of Versailles – The home of the French kings from Louis XIV to Louis XVI (and Marie Antoinette). This is undoubtedly the most extravagant palace in Europe and one of the most renowned in the world. At its height over 1000 nobles lived at Versailles, taking part in its social functions and playing games of political intrigue. If you like elegance, glamour,

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Eurostar Destinations in Europe

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Eurostar is one of the high speed rail services connects UK to Europe. It takes you from London to Paris within 2 hrs and 15 minutes. Eurostar has its unique name to travel from London to Paris. There is Wi-Fi internet service in all Eurostar railway stations. There are many facilities on the Eurostar stations like: – car parking facility, restaurants and currency exchange etc. Eurostar starts from London to Paris and connects many destinations some of them are direct destinations like: – Brussels, Lille, and Disneyland Paris. Beside these if anyone wants to go beyond these direct stations then they have better option to travel from TGV, ICE etc. These all TGV’s and ICE’s are directly connected to the Eurostar stations.

These are some international Eurostar railway stations.

  • St. Pancras International Station
  • Gare Du Nord Station
  • Brussels Midi Station
  • Ebbsfleet International Station
  • Ashford International Station

France Destinations

Here is a list of destinations which are connected within France – Angers, Agen, Aime La Plagne, Aix En Provence, Annecy, Antibes, Avignon, Belfort, Besançon, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Bourg St. Maurice, Brest, Caen, Cannes, Chalon Sur Saône, Chambéry, Champagne Ardenne, Clermont Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Laval, Le Creusot, Le Mans, Libourne, Limoges,

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Holidays In Paris

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Paris, voted the most romantic destination, is the largest city in France and its capital. It is located on the Siene River. Paris was voted as one of the most influential and important cities in the world and among the top 10 cities. Its status has been influenced because of its art, culture, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and politics. It is home to many international organisations like UNESCO, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the Informal Paris Club.

The major attractions in Paris include the Eiffel Tower, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The Elysee Palace, which is home to the President of Paris, is another architectural marvel. The famous opera houses like Opera Garnier and the Opera Bastille are a must visit. Paris also boasts of its various museums and cathedrals like the Louvre Museum which is one of the oldest centres for displaying art. Among the cathedrals the Notre Dame and the Basilica are a must see. The Notre Dame is famous for its architectural influence.

Paris is highly influenced by art and this

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Eurostar Destinations and Eurostar Connections

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Eurostar is a Hi Speed Rail Service, which connects London (UK) to France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel connecting hundreds of other European countries and cities. It starts from London (St Pancras International Station) and passes through Ebbsfleet International Station (UK), Ashford International Station (UK), crosses the channel tunnel, stops at Calais and then Lille. From Lille, it has two services, one to Brussels and other to Paris and Disneyland Paris Resort.

I have been traveling to UK for over a decade now every time wondered to visit France / Paris and other beautiful cities of Europe in Eurostar but it was only around a couple of years ago that I actually got the chance to travel in Eurostar. It is a great fun to travel in train which actually goes under water and with such a high speed. It is important for every traveler to do good research about choosing Eurostar to travel and knowing which all destinations he/she can travel to without changing the rail service.

Eurostar Direct Services are those places where Eurostar goes directly and has a stop and Eurostar Connections are connecting trains to

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The Best European Destination to Stopover

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This article describes the unparalleled splendor and beauty of Paris. It is the capital and mandrill city of France. Paris, within its secretarial limits is sited on the river Seine. It is one of the world’s chief centres for business and culture.

This stunning city is a hub of the world’s top leading brands and names. Paris is the home to world’s renowned and legendary designers like Versace and Gaul tier. This exotic city is worshipped by the world’s famous fashion designers and creators. This city is one of the most admired tourist destinations of the world. This town is crowded with iconic landmarks, trendy parks and dazzling monuments.

Top places to visit in Paris

1. The Eiffel Tower

It is one of the attractive signposts to visit in Paris. There is generally a huge crowd gathered at the tower base to view this out of the ordinary monument and enjoy its attractiveness.

2. Napoleon’s Tomb

This splendid tomb was accomplished by Napoleon. The dome of this splendid building is enclosed with gold. This stunning structure was earlier

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Tips for Surviving a Destination Wedding in Paris With Kids

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These days, couples planning a destination wedding with small children as guests usually know to offer a kids table with activities, or at least a goody bag with toys to entertain the little ones during the reception. This a thoughtful way to help both the children and their parents enjoy the evening. But while these activities are great for kids who are older than 3, what most people who don’t have children themselves don’t realize, is that these types of activities really aren’t very useful for children under 3 years old. Toddlers are too small to sit at a table unsupervised. They’re more likely to eat the crayons than draw with them. Plus, many traditional goody bag toys like figurines, cars, etc., are considered choking hazards to children under 3, so those are out too. So, when you accept an invitation to a destination wedding, you should assume that it’ll be up to you to entertain your own child if you plan on having any fun yourself. In order to help you get the most out of your Parisian destination wedding experience, I’ve created a little list: The American Wedding Planner in Paris’ Top 5 Tips

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Eurostar Destination Guide For Rail Travel

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Eurostar has changed the way people used to travel in Western Europe. Eurostar connecting London to Paris and Brussels via Chunnel Tunnel is one of the most comfortable and easy way to travel these days. Last few months were not good for them, due to various problems arising due to bad weather and technical difficulties which disturbed their honor horribly. But the way it has regained its position is a great achievement and must be appreciated.

Today Eurostar connects many destinations in Paris and Brussels directly via daily services. There are over hundred destinations in Europe that can be travelled directly or indirectly via Eurostar.

Here are the most important Eurostar destinations:

1. Paris: Paris is the major destination in France to which there are highest numbers of trains. Currently there are around 19 trains operating on London-Paris route. Train fare for this route is 69 GBP for a return ticket.
2. Brussels: Second most important destination located in Belgium, is city of Brussels. Euro star operates around 10 trains on a daily basis on London-Brussels route. Fare is same as London to Paris route.
3. Avignon:

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Eurostar Destinations and Eurostar Connections Guide

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Eurostar Destination Paris – If you are asked to exclude three places while you are traveling to Paris in France (Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triomphe and the Champs Elysees), then you may even decide not to visit Paris. Fondly referred-to as La Ville-Lumière, or the City of Light, Paris reigns supreme amongst all other tourist destinations in the world, attracting over 45 million tourists every year, and this number keeps growing every year. The enigmatic aura of romance, art and history that surrounds Paris acts as a magnet to travellers seeking the ideal holiday. Situated on the beautiful river Seine, Paris is home to some of the most beautiful examples of historic architecture and houses some of the most renowned works of art in the world.

You can never have too much in Paris. As the city attracts more tourists, this can result into a problem for the visitor with just a few days of their itinerary chalked up to this spectacular metropolis. To make your choice easier, we offer you a list of three must-visit Parisian attractions that combine to offer you a comprehensive flavour of the beautiful city.

La Tour Eiffel: Undoubtedly one

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How to Get Married in Paris

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From the classic Technicolor dance scenes of An American in Paris to more recent films like Moulin Rouge and Amelie Poulain– for many Americans, Paris is the epitome of romance. And what could be a more romantic place to get married? For most couples, after deciding to get married in Paris, the first thing they do is make a giddy, “so crazy this just might work” phone call to their local French consulate, where they are instantly yanked backed down to earth by their first official French “Non”: “Mais, mademoiselle! C’est impossible! You must live in France for 40 days before you can marry in France. Impossible! Why are you calling me? Au revoir!!” Click…. And for some couples, that will be that. In a flash they’re swept directly to Plan B, their local country club with a Paris themed reception, do not pass Go, do not collect 200EUR…

Some couples, though, will want to see the dream through- they may choose to have a legal ceremony in their own country, and then come to Paris for a symbolic ceremony. Symbolic ceremonies aren’t legally binding, but are as romantic and as meaningful as

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Dining Out in Paris

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Bookings at most top Paris restaurants are absolutely essential but in many cases, the best experiences are to be had a smaller, hole in the wall places with small amounts of tables and just one or two waiters. Also, prices are lower here and bang for your buck is something that is a definite rarity in expensive, upscale Paris.

One of the most well reviewed restaurants in Paris is Le Violoin d’Ingres, which offers top chefs and a vast wine list. The average price for a meal here is 70 Euro and bookings are essential. At just less than half the price is Chaumette, also one of the most awarded restaurants in the city. It has a less strict dress code than many other upscale Paris restaurants and bookings are not always necessary, but wise.

Le Grand Vefour at 17 Rue de Beaujolais is consistently voted the most popular restaurant in Paris. It is a great restaurant which has been around for centuries and everyone from Napoleon to Jean Cocteau is said to have eaten here. Brass tablets on various tables tell modern diners just which legend of French history sat where and what they ate.

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